Der Gay Pride Moskau soll in Berlin stattfinden

… schlägt der Moskauer Ombudsmann für Menschenrechte vor. Dass der Herr nicht mehr alle Tassen im Schrank hat, lässt sich sogar aus der Ferne diagnostizieren.

The Commissioner for Human Rights in Moscow, Alexander Muzykantsky, denies to defend the constitutional rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people to freedom of assembly.

In an interview with Novye Izvestia, Alexander Muzykantsky said “I’m not ready to support the parade of sexual minorities in Moscow”.

But perhaps, more surprising, the Ombudsman suggested that the Mayor of Berlin help to organize the Moscow Gay Pride in the German Capital.

“In recent years, Berlin became de facto the world capital of sexual minorities. Because there are friendly relations between the Mayors of Moscow and Berlin, why not signing an agreement in which the representatives of sexual minorities in Moscow will hold their parade in Berlin with the support of the city?” asked the Ombudsman.

Nikolai Baev, one of the organizers of Moscow Pride commented the Ombudsman’s suggestion:

„What the Ombudsman suggests remind me when in 1920 the Soviet deported the most prominent Russian philosophers and historians in what was called the „philosophical boat“, just because they did not fit into the ideological standards of the Soviet ideology,

“Now, they want lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to realize their constitutional rights to freedom of assembly outside Russia, in Berlin.”

Nikolai Alekseev, Chief organizer of the Moscow Pride added:

“The denial of the Moscow Ombudsman to support LGBT people is not surprising. Vladimir Lukin the National Ombudsman denied to support any public campaign for LGBT rights.

“An Ombudsman who wants to keep his pay check needs to stay far away form sensitive issues. Recently, the St Petersburg Ombudsman was sacked after several deputies insisted that his activities were too political.“

In turn for the support provided by the Mayor of Berlin to organize the Moscow Gay Pride in his city, the ombudsman suggested a partnership in which Moscow could host a football game or a concert.


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