König Władysław Tage

Lukasz Palucki startet einen neuen Versuch, im homophoben Polen daran zu erinnern, dass Polen im 17. Jahrhundert ein schwules Staatsoberhaupt hatte:

Dear All,

In my country homosexuality was never a crime in civil law. From 1493 when King Olbracht I has changed the law ( he cancel power of the church courts) homosexuality was legalized. Nobody says that gay is ok, but from this time there was no punishment for gays. During next centuries homosexuality was still legal, before and even after WW II Poland was the only comunistis country in the world where homosexuality was not a crime. I wish remind people that tolerance for gays have woods in polish tradition.

This is why i organise DAYS OF THE KING WLADYSLAW III. Wladyslaw was never marrying. Contemporary 15th century – Jan Dlugosz – Polish historians regarded him as homosexual.

More about this event last year here:


and here http://www.ukgaynews.org.uk/Archive/09/08/Oct/2401.htm

One year ago president Lech Kaczynski has distroyed our event, this time we will won :)

Acording program in 2009:

30 October (friday)

17:00 Historical debate „Homosexuality in polish history“ with special guest prof. Tomasz Nalecz (Uniwersity of Warsaw, Cathedral of history) + special guests from Belarus and Sweden.

20:00 Concert of clasic music, performance by 3 lgbt activist from Budpest (Wladyslaw was also King of Hungary)

31 October (saturday)

13:00 March of Rainbow Tradition from Florianska Gate thru old market to Wawel Royal castel, we wish to put flower on simbolic grave of polish King Wladyslaw III also known as Ulaszlo I i Hungary.

Organisers are:

International Les Gay Cultural Network

and Youth Fraction of Socialdemocratic Party (SDPL)



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