Special thanks goes to Mr Jean Lechmand

London, St Pancras Station, 30.03.2008, 18.30 Uhr:

Auf einem Bahnsteig des erst kürzlich nach einer umfangreichen Renovierung und Erweiterung wieder eröffneten Eurostar-Bahnhofs küssen sich zwei Männer zum Abschied. Niemand scheint daran Anstoß zu nehmen, doch plötzlich erschallt eine Lautsprecherdurchsage:

„Passengers please keep their hands to themselves and refrain from kissing.“

Auch an dieser Ermahnung scheint niemand Anstoß zu nehmen, außer Jean Lechmand. Pinknews berichtet:

A heterosexual passenger, Jean Lechmand, was so shocked at what he had heard that he complained to the train operating company.

„The behaviour of the gay couple was not lewd or lascivious,“ he told PinkNews.co.uk.

„In fact they were doing no more than any regular heterosexual couple does on a regular basis at train stations, on buses, in the streets and anywhere else loving couples happen to pass through.

„The announcement was not only out of line but hurtful and hateful.

„It was blatant discrimination against members of the public based on sexual orientation.

„Furthermore, it has the potential to cause a great deal of personal anguish.“

Mr Lechmand, who did not know the couple, later reported the incident.

He pointed out that the centrepiece of the £800m refurbishment of St Pancras station, which is now the terminus for Eurostar trains, is a 9m high sculpture of a couple kissing – a straight couple.

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